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March 29, 2017
The Gift of Giving: Educational Supplies
June 21, 2017

The Gift of Giving: New Shoes

Seam The World Visits Uganda

Seam The World is excited to be in Uganda and to be working with M-LISADA Organization on several projects that will bring Fun, Health, Job Skills and Educational support to Vulnerable Children & Communities in Uganda. Education is the most powerful tool in the world. It has the ability to transform lives and to transcend the obstacles and circumstances of life. The sad reality is that in many countries around the world the families most in need of education and the enhanced opportunity that comes with it can’t afford the many costs of sending their children to school.

In Uganda, something as basic and simple as not being able to afford to buy a pair of black closed toe shoes (which are part of the school required school uniform) stops children from being able to get a life changing education. Thanks to the generous support of Seam The World’s donors from around the world Seam The World was able to buy 55 pairs of new shoes for the vulnerable children at M-LISADA in time for the start of the new school semester on Monday May 29th. Help Seam The World empower children with education and help families break the cycle of poverty. Message Seam The World to find out how you can help.

A big thank you to Emmanuel O’Kane and Cac Lam! The children are very happy about their school supplies and shoes! This is a great beginning for the second term!

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