Charity fashion show in Dallas
March 7, 2017
Fashion show in Dallas: Fashion for a cause
June 12, 2017

Art week show at Mix & Paint

Arts week show at Mix & Paint was your precious chance to meet young artists from not only local Vietnam but also from Europe
With the participation of more than 15 artists to attend workshops, film and design, the exhibition has opened up many creative aspects for other participants.
The works of the artists would be exhibited at the event and sold at the end of the performance.
Throughout the program, food and drink were served along with music, which could connect the young hearted artists altogether.
Most of all, STW was honored to receive an approval from Mix and Paint Bar Live HCMC to advertise for the our big event on this May 20th – the Blind Date.
The Blind Date event is a program to fundraising for disadvantaged children in need. Through this, participants would acknowledge the importance of sightseeing. More over, you would have a chance to experience when you tried to walk in the blind shoes

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