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March 21, 2016
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Be You Love You Fundraising

The fundraising event was organized by Seam The World at En Tea House and Restaurant on April 6th, 2016 from 6:30pm – 9pm. With the purpose of raising fund for Ba Muoi School and the project Be You Love You.

We raised 40 millions Vietnamese Dong which roughly equal $2,000 through tickets, raffles, souvinirs, and donation from supporters.

With the funding, we are able to get Ba Muoi school equipments and school supplies to build a better study environment for the students.

On Saturday, April 9th, Seam The World team will visit the school and give away the presents. We will make the Be You Love You video with the students on that day. Be You Love You video is about beauty from the perspective of the children, and the message to empower one’s natural beauty. Our other program on that day is to teach the children the art of cupcakes decoration with Pastry Chef Yuriba Hudault.

Thank you so much for all the hard work of Seam The World volunteers through out the journey of making this event sucessful. Big thank you to En Tea House and Restaurant has sponsering us for the fundraising event. Thanks to Sofitel, Vietnam Heritage Magazine, Cacdemode, SodaPop, Kokois, Decibel, Last Call, Tippy Mexican Restaurant, Thanh Xuan Spa, O&M , and Be Heard have sponsored us. Thank you to Mr. Rick Reid and the band have volunteered to play that night and helped bring an awesome time to the guests.

Last but not least, STW would like to thanks to all the guests of the night and the supporters. You are the reason we could continue doing what we are doing and making our dream comes true, make the world a better place for the less fortunate children through Art.

Please join us in our next event and projects. Let’s give back to the community through Art and Fashion!

Here is an excel file that shows the exact number of fundraising money for that night and how we have used the money to donate to Ba Muoi school, as well as organize another cupcake activity for those children there also.

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