Beauty Of Viet Nam

The Beauty of Vietnam with Unesco-CEP Vietnam

Seam The World is honored to be able to help support and work with Unesco-CEP Vietnam on different editions of their project “The Beauty of Vietnam”. We live in a world of extraordinary beauty but also of heartbreaking hardships that come in many different forms. Vietnam is a county full of exceptionally beautiful people, places, and cultures that should be celebrated and preserved but for many people it is also a country filled with overwhelming challenges and very difficult living conditions. Thankfully there are many organizations like UNESCO-CEP Vietnam and Seam The World that are devoted to doing what they can to enhance the quality of life for the people that need it most. We believe that there is nothing more beautiful then the beauty that is created when people work together to help each other.

As a charity organization that is designed to use the power of fashion for a great good we believe that there are many different ways and outfits to address and dress the needs of the world. These are some of the ways that we try to make the world a more beautiful place. We often use art and fashion to teach children about their inner beauty and how to have fun as they create outer beauty. Our “Beading For A Better Life” program teaches hand fabric skills to vulnerable women, our “We Care Clothing” project focuses on collecting and distributing clothes and blankets, we have events and programs that help support education, our “Happy Belly Happy Smile” project helps people have access to food, our “Mr. Rabbit Friend of Courage” program shows children the special gift of friendship. Everyone can help people and we encourage everyone to do what they can to make the world a more beautiful place.

When it comes to enhancing the quality of life for people in Vietnam, Unesco-CEP Vietnam is a supermodel role model for Seam The World. We believe that charity isn't just about giving, it is about being, it isn't just what you do, but how you do it. The work that Unesco-CEP Vietnam does to support education and culture is inspiring to be apart of. The leadership, teamwork, and compassionate way that they serve people doesn't just give them the necessitates of life it helps soften their hardships.

The memorable events that Seam The World have done with Unesco-CEP Vietnam hold a special place in our hearts. Together we brought the “Art of Fashion” to children from Van Xuoi Village and Vinh Son 5 orphanage, we have given haircuts, school supplies and “Painted The Future” with the children from Can Thanh Disadvantaged / Orphanage school. We had a “Journey of Happiness” to Lam Dong to give school supplies to a remote school. We've brought warm clothes, blankets, and toys to the children of Moc Chau twice and Sapa once. Each of these charity trips have provided us with a meaningful learning experience that more clearly showed us the beauty of charity. A special thanks to all of our volunteers and supporters.

January 23, 2018
Annual-Charity Trip-2018

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