The Art of Innovation 1 – Graboo
November 1, 2016
Thanksgiving celebration
November 28, 2016

Binh Long project

It took us more than 120 km to come to Binh Long and over 5 km to move deep inside the forest. Finally, we got there_the village of XTieng. Where is very poor, and far away from the center. They are living by being the worker of rubber, peper and coffee plantation.

The children warmly welcome us with a friendly smiling on their face. After having some games, singing and dancing, we started to do something great_making thankgiving cards and bracelets.

Thankgiving is the thing we want to pour into their heart, for what they have, for who they are and they will express it by the thankful card or the bracelet they made or everything that can show their heart. We want to change their life with ART and for this season is “The ART of a greatful heart”.

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