We Care Clothes: Thien Tam Club
April 3, 2018
Hoa Hao Class Of Love
May 2, 2018

Construction Workers

Ho Chi Minh City is developing at an almost unprecedented rate. Everywhere one looks there is building being done. Beyond the appearance of the big new shinny buildings (and smaller buildings) is a different contrasting story. Building sites often turn into building camps. The building camps become hubs of activity with food stalls and other venders in the area. Many of the people who build the buildings have to take care of large families and struggle to make a comfortable living. Sometimes people live on or near the construction site in makeshift huts.

Seam The World’s We Care Clothes Program visited a construction camp on Thursday April 27th and set up a free clothes give away. We are happy to say many people came and went home happy with new clothes.

Many of us own more clothes than we will ever be able to wear. We have more clothes than we even know what to do with. Why let clothes sit and collect dust when you can donate them to STW. Contact us if you would like to donate clothes.

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