Happy Belly Happy Smile – Nepal 11/2018

Happy Belly Happy Smile July-6th 2018
July 6, 2018
Tinh That Phuoc Long Dien 01-2019
Tinh That Phuoc Long Dien – 01/2019
January 30, 2019

Happy Belly Happy Smile – Nepal 11/2018


Seam The World is proud to be a regular supporter of Stepping Stone School and living shelter for 40 vulnerable children in Nepal. STW was created from the inspiration of visiting and doing an art project at Stepping Stone School a few days before the Earthquake in Nepal in 2015.

Following the earthquake Cac Lam STW’s founder decided to use her love of charity, children, and creativity to create STW so that she could help people around the world in different ways.

We are happy to have bought the 40 children at Stepping Stone winter clothes in our We Care Clothes program in November that will help keep their Happy Belly’s warm with the food 270KGs of vegetable and beans, 210 KG’s of Rice and 75 KG’s of other grains that we have donated in our Happy Belly Happy Smiles program.

Thank you to our supports and to everyone that does what they can to help people.

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