Happy Belly Happy Smile – Uganda 04/03/2019

Moc Chau – Annual Charity Trip 2019
March 1, 2019
Tinh That Phuoc Long Dien 08-2019
Phuoc Long Dien 08/2019
August 8, 2019

Happy Belly Happy Smile – Uganda 04/03/2019

Having a happy belly is an important part of being able to get an education. When children don’t have enough food to eat or a healthy meal to eat, they struggle to have the energy and concentration they need to study and succeed. Growing minds and bodies need health food. Seam The World is proud to be able to sponsor the food for the children at M-LISADA’s Passion Primary boarding school. Passion Primary is a school especially designed for vulnerable children. It is a school that understands the children’s backgrounds and gives them the supportive environment that they need to learn. The school also has brass band and cultural dance classes, life skills lessons and special psycho-social classes.


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