Winter Clothes Nepal 02-2019
Winter Clothes Nepal – 02/2019
February 3, 2019
Happy Belly Happy Smile – Uganda 14/02/2019
February 14, 2019

Karen long neck tribe – Thailand

Karen long neck tribe 02-2019

Meet the Karen long neck tribe in Northern Thailand. Burma refugees migrated to Thailand and taken in by Thai government. Some says this is the “human zoo” for tourists. As we say: they are being protected and taken care of better than before, when had to deal with war and violence in their country. As of now, they have a warm home, beautiful family and don’t have to struggle day by day for safety and basic survival.

Wanting to support what you believe in human right? Don’t just Travel… Do Travel for a Good Cause.

We travel to bring happiness to under privilege children around the world. The smallest gesture I do is to give them a friend to talk to and to love. Meet Mr. Rabbit, a Seam The World’s program called “A friend of Courage”

Mr. Rabbit and us have traveled 2 years around the world and have became part of many children’s family member.

Thanks to friends and family that have supported us on this project and given us the opportunity to be your ambassador to spread love across the globe.

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