Mr Rabbit in South Africa
July 8, 2017
Mr. Rabbit in Zanzibar Tanzania
August 26, 2017

Mr.Rabbit in Da Nang

On Friday, July 14, 2017, Seam The World visited two shelters for orphaned and poor children in Da Nang, that were Mary’s Home and Camela’s Home. We gave them Mr.Rabbit as a friend stand by them in life.

Mary’s Home and Camela Home are two shelters that are opened up from the dreams of the collaborators of the GIVING IT BACK TO KIDS project. They want to have a safe place, loving place for kids who was orphaned and poor to be lived and cared.

Both of shelters were founded in 2012 and are donated by volunteers and donors to help them. The kids at here will be raised here until 18 years of age and then receive college, university or vocational training to help them live in the future.

We give thanks to Mr.Jason Turnbull has sponsored us to have a meaningful trip and Mr.Rabbit can come to the two Mary’s Home and Camela’s Home.

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