Mr. Rabbit Visits Jamaica
October 18, 2017
Mr.Rabbit in Sri Lanka
Mr. Rabbit Visits Sri Lanka
October 18, 2017

Mr. Rabbit Visits Aruba

Mr. Rabbit Visits Imeldof Orphanage

Thanks to the generous support of Miyoko Kogita, Seam The World and Mr. Rabbit made a special visit to Imeldof Orphanage home in Aruba. Aruba is stunningly beautiful and is known as “One Happy Island” but unfortunately even a paradise island has many children who are unable to go to school and that suffer from the traumatizing effects of neglect, sexual abuse, violence, and parents addicted to drugs or alcohol. Imeldahof children’s organization is dedicated to helping vulnerable children by providing food, clothing, schooling, guidance and a loving family environment for 50+ orphans and children ages 4-14. Seam The World is honored to help support Imedahof in the meaningful and life-changing work that they do. We hope that the special gift of Mr. Rabbit Friend of Courage and his friendship brings joy to the children of Imeldahof.

Due to children protection laws we weren’t able to take any pictures of the children with Mr. Rabbit. Here are some pictures from our tour with Heidi a team leader and social worker that has passionately devoted her heart and 20 years of her life to helping the children of Aruba and Rafael an enthusiastic local volunteer. Nothing is as beautiful as serving from the heart and doing the work that Imeldahof do.

For $3 each Mr. Rabbit, you can help Seam The World give the Gift of Friendship to Children in need around the world.

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