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October 4, 2018
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November 7, 2018

Mr. Rabbit visits Egypt

Mr. Rabbit visits Egypt

Seam The World & Mr. Rabbit made a special visit to Noor Alarma Orphanage in Cairo, Egypt. Noor Alamal is a children’s shelter that takes care of abandoned children that are often found on the street. Some children are found and brought there when they are only a few days old. The children live at Noor Alamal until they are 6 years old when they are moved to another living shelter. The challenging work that Noor Alamal does is so important. The children are well-taken care by a loving staff and are able to attend school. But understandably the children are still traumatized by the emotional scars of being abandoned.

When Seam The First first arrived the children the children were shy and intimidated. We could tell that they weren’t used to having visitors and that they weren’t sure what to do. But Mr. Rabbit and the gift of friendship soon won them over and lead to us playing a whirlwind of fun and games for the next few hours. The children embraced and held Mr. Rabbit and we embraced and held the children. The joy of just being picked up is a part of childhood that many of the children don’t get to experience as much. Seam The World had the gift of friendship in the form of our friend Ahmed who arranged our visit to Noor Alamal and acted out and told the story of The Tortoise and the Hare in Arabic. Mr. Rabbit quickly became part of their family and lives. One of the children even did the Muslim prayer with Mr. Rabbit

The scene when we left was unrecognizable from when we came. The children who were a little afraid to say hi to us when we came didn’t want to let us go. The quiet stillness had been replaced by loud noises of joy.

It was a visit that Seam The World will never forget and we are so happy that Mr. Rabbit has found a new loving home in Cairo.

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