Nguyen Dinh Chieu School
March 31, 2017
Blind Date
May 22, 2017

Nhat Hong Shelter with Coach and Crocs

It is magical hope can make people live more loving, optimistic and happy at any difficult circumstances.

Let “listen” to our wonderful story that we have been through these days. That was such a lovely sunny day, Seam The World with two donors Coach and Crocs come to Nhat Hong, where very special children are being carried. After having a lot of fun together, we were to sit down and listen to little friends and sing the songs as an lively story about the lives of many Blind Children. It is wonderful, they didn’t complain with us how difficult they were and could not live as easy as their friends,… But they told us that they were always cheerful and optimistic just to look forward to someday they could see the Sunlight, see their face in the mirror, see very normal thing like anyone else,…

Why did that simple wish make our heart choke so hard? If you look at the innocent smiles on that little face, we can not say that they can never see the light again! Understanding the bitterness, before leaving we left with each of my friends a friend ~ Mr. Rabbit. We hope when sad, you can confide in you Rabbit, when need to cuddle, love, you Rabbit will rather we do it. And above all, through the very real story we have come across, we hope that every bent on earth always needs to live optimistically, never lose hope for bright tomorrow.

We would love to thank our sponsors Coach and Crocs for supporting us.

Written by Trung Duong Nguyen

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