Our Story

Our Story:

Seam The World was founded by Cac Lam, founder of Cacdemode Fashion Brand in October 2015. Seam The World is a non-profit social movement based charity that strongly believes that everyone can do something to help other people. We believe that charity is a state of mind and a way of being. We believe that one doesn’t need to be materialistically rich to make a positive difference in someone’s life, all one really needs is a rich heart, a kind and caring attitude, and a desire to help others.

Seam The World believes that together, we can make the world better. We are a charity that encourages people to be involved in charity. We know that there are many people that want to help the world but often don’t know how to help or where to start. We want to be a starting point that teaches and empowers people to be involved in charity. Our fundraisers and events like our Annual Charity Trip brings people together and shows them the power of giving and of being a part of charity.

Seam The World evolved from the inspiration of Cac’s travels to different parts of the world and the meaningful experiences that she had from visiting different service projects. Being able to intimately see both the harsh conditions that impoverished people live in and the work that service based projects do to improve people’s lives had a profound impact on Cac. These experiences have made Cac more thankful for the life and opportunities that she has and have motivated her to do what she can to give back to the world.

As a fashion designer, Cac has a love of creativity and is naturally drawn to the artistic expression of different cultures. Seam The World believes that every child should have the chance to be creative. We believe in giving children that don’t normally have the chance to express themselves artistically the chance to express themselves. Seam The World has organized, sponsored and taught many artistic classes in Vietnam and around the world that have given children the precious chance to express themselves with the magic of art.

There are two main experiences that lead to the birth of Seam The World. One was in January 2015 when Cac visited Children For Change Cambodia an educational NGO (that has since closed) for vulnerable and impoverished children in Phnom Penh. Cac taught an art project where the children from CCC painted on fabric that she had brought. Cac took the fabric back to Vietnam with her and later made the into a dress. The creative joy that the children had when they were painting on the fabric and being able to see them get the chance to artistically express themselves inspired Cac to give this opportunity to as many children as she can.

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A few months later, a few days before the devastating Earthquake in Nepal, Cac taught a similar project at Stepping Stone ( Sathya Uddhyan) school and living shelter in Nepal. Unfortunately the powerful earthquake caused structural damage to Stepping Stone and the children were forced to move out of the house and sleep outside. When Cac left Nepal a few days after the earthquake, the image of the children’s faces strongly stayed with her. Back in the safety of Vietnam, Cac became consumed with wanting to be able to help the children in Nepal. She took the fabric that the children had painted on and made it into an artistic jacket that symbolized the destruction of the earthquake and her desire to want to help Nepal.

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Cac frantically tried to organize a charity fundraiser to auction the dress but after much effort and false leads she was ultimately unsuccessful with her plan. The experience initially left her deeply hurt and feeling helpless but Cac was determined to learn and grow from this experience and to turn it into something good. The power behind her feelings of helplessness turned into the motivation that created Seam The World. We are pleased to say that the story has a happy ending. Seam The World was born and the children of Stepping Stone (Sathya Uddhyan) school are now living and going to school in a new building and Seam The World helps support Stepping Stone with regular donations.