Fundraising for childrens at M-LISANDA
Fundraising for childrens at M-LISANDA
October 18, 2018

Reusable sanitary pad Project

Seam The World is working with and visiting our friends M-LISADA Organization in Uganda. We are working together to enhance the quality of life for vulnerable women and children. Sometimes the most important item in an outfit is one that can’t be seen. Seam The World is very happy to be supporting a women’s hygiene and health workshop and a reusable sanitary pad project.

Seam The World sponsored the making of 187 reusable sanitary pads kits (On sewing machines that STW donated last year). Each sanitary kit is made of the sanitary pad shield/ holder, 4 changeable absorbent flannels, and two pairs of underwear. Each kit is designed to last a few years.

After a 2hour workshop that discussed women’s health, and went over how to properly use and clean the sanitary pads. The reusable sanitary pads were given out to women in need of them on the impoverished island of Kalangala. The women on Kalangala don’t have access to sanitary pads or the money to buy them. During the workshop, they shared stories of the challenges that they face and were very grateful to receive the sanitary pads.

A special thanks to the Spiritual Guidance Community for supporting the project.

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