The Gift of Giving: Educational Supplies

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May 30, 2017
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June 24, 2017

The Gift of Giving: Educational Supplies

Seam The World Brings Educational Support and Job Skills to Uganda

School notebooks are expensive and a constant need in Uganda. The coast of  buying school books every term are one of the obstacles that stop children from being able to go to school. With the support of Seam The World M-LISADA Organization started a money saving and job skills learning program making school notebooks for children in Kampla and on the island of Kalangala. The school notebooks will be made with the help of street child who will come to M-LISADA to assemble them. The program will give the vulnerable street children a safe and friendly place to be, they will be given food and a small income a welcome alternative to the other actions that they have to undertake to get food on the streets of Kampala. Many of the street children in Kampala are from villages in Uganda. School books are even more expensive in villages. Most of the street children will eventually return home to their village. When the child returns to their village they will be given the supplies that they need to make books and will have the skills to make books and will be able to sell them in there village to make a living.

Thanks to Seam The Worlds generous donors for facilitating this program

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