The Gift of Giving: Jerry Cans
June 29, 2017
Seam The World visit English class on July
July 20, 2017

The Gift of Giving: Sanitary Pads

Seam The World and M-LISADA Organization teamed up together to bring health and educational support to vulnerable children and communities on the impoverished island of Kalangala in Uganda. Around 30% of girls who go to school in Uganda miss significant amounts of school every month because they don’t have sanitary pads when they are menstruating. This reoccurring problem has a big impact on school girls, families and their future options in life. It is common for girls to drop out of school because they miss so much every month and end up falling behind. Seam The World sponsored a class where M-LISADA staff taught 200 school girls and female community members and leaders how to make their own reusable sanitary pad. The workshop is the first step in an ongoing program that will be taught and spread to other members of the community and more remote islands around Kalangala.

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