The Art of Cooking- Green Bamboo Shelter

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The Art of Cooking- Green Bamboo Shelter

The Green Bamboo Shelter is a shelter for homeless children and drop-in center for disadvantaged teenagers in Ho Chi Minh city. The shelter provides a safe place and opportunities for these underprivileged children to learn and transform their lives. Not only that they give these boys and girls life essentials such as food, shelter, and medical care. They also aim to provide the children with knowledge that help in reproductive health care, abuse prevention training, family reunions, vocational training and important ID paper. Understanding the motto of the Green Bamboo Shelter, Seam The World gives them the experience of pastry cooking instructed by the renowned one star Michelin chef Eric Maio.

On July 16, Seam The World hosted a cooking class with Michelin Star Chef Eric Maio sponsored and taken place at Le Corto restaurant in Saigon. Chef Eric Maio taught and worked with children on making the French pastry dish “Deep Fried Banana Caramel Donut”. The children got to experience and dipped their hand into the new exciting ingredients such as the imported mushrooms, butters, and sauces from France for the first time. Chef Eric Maio did not just teach the children how to cook but also the care for small details in the decor of the dish. Most of all, Chef Eric has inspired the children to study and work harder subject to their dream job.

Moreover, Le Corto Restaurant was kindly offered an opportunity for these orphan children. The one, that is mature enough for work age, could come in and get trained by professional chefs at Le Corto with a very high chance of being employed by the restaurant in the near future.

ART can change the world, and it starts with YOU.

“To give away is not worth than the way to give.”

Please support and join us on our upcoming projects. Let’s GIVE, and GIVE it with full LOVE!

If you would like to know more about the Green Bamboo Warm Center, please visit:

Big thank to our sponsor Le Corto Resto and Chef Eric Maio

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