The “Picaflor” Project

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The "Picaflor" Project is a team of nutritionists, doctors, fitness, chefs, and education experts throughout Latin America. Although small, Picaflor seeks to do its part to fight malnutrition and under-nutrition and provide poor local farmers in Latin America with the resources needed to sell their fruits and vegetables to restaurants, resorts, groceries, and hotels in the tourism markets of the continent and the Caribbean. The Picaflor Project serves as a bridge connecting the agriculture and tourism sectors, buying from and selling on behalf of farmers, and providing both sea and land transportation to help their fruits and vegetables reach their destinations.
September 9, 2017


Photos from a Picaflor Project on the Island of Utila in Honduras, where we connected marginalized farmers on the mainland to restaurants, cafes, bars, hotels, and […]
September 7, 2017

The “Picaflor” Project – Intro

The name of the project, “Picaflor,” — which means “Hummingbird” in Spanish — comes from a famous legend of the Guarani, who are a native tribe […]