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April 3, 2018
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We Care Clothes: Thien Tam Club

STW We Care Clothes: On Saturday March 31st Seam The World donated 3.5 boxes of noodles and several bags of “We Care Clothes” and joined Thien Tam Club for their monthly night of giving gift bags to poor people on the street. All of the supplies that were collected by Thien Tam Club were divided into many different gift bags each containing 5packs of noddles and 3 outfits of clothing. The gift bags were given out by 15 people on 8 motorbikes that drove around the streets of Ho Chi Minh City looking for people in need of food and clothes.

The night was very meaningful and showed all of us the importance of being able to give back to people. The night gave us the chance to show less fortunate people that people care about them and that they aren’t alone. The night showed us the power that lives in being able to help people. It showed us that all of us can do something to help other people, that all you need is a heart full of kindness. Seam The World believes that charity is about giving and that how you give is an important part of what you give. Even small gifts likes packs of noodle and clothes have the special ability to bring a smile to people’s faces and to make a difference in their lives.

We look forward to joining again Thien Tam Club in the future and showing people we care about them.

Please message us if you have any lightly worn clothes that you would like to donate.

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