About Us

Enhancing the quality of life for women, children and their families, having fun, spreading sustainable technologies and preserving endangered cultures through the art of fashion.


About Us:

Born from the thread of Cacdemode Fashion Brand, Seam The World is an non-profit charity organization that is designed to enhance the quality of life for women, children, and families. Seam The World believes in doing what we can to help people and to make the world a better place. Our Annual Charity Trip brings food, educational supplies and quality of life products to different parts of Vietnam. Our Beading For A Better Life project teaches hand fabric skills and provides income to vulnerable mothers. Our Friend of Courage project gives the Gift of Friendship to unfortunate children around the world. Our Happy Belly Happy Smile project gives food to those that need it most every month. Our We Care Clothes project donates clothes and personal hygiene products to other charity projects and to people in need. Seam The World also has Fundraisers, a Gift of Giving project and regular fashion, art, and fun centered projects with children.

We are based in Vietnam, but have collaborated with many other charity projects around the world. Seam The World also has partnerships with and helps support education for children at M-LISADA Organization in Uganda and Stepping Stone School (Sathya Uddhyan) in Nepal.

The work that Seam The World does is mainly supported by Cacdemode Fashion Brand and a few regular sponsors and fundraising events. We do what we can with what we have. With more money and more support we can of course do more. In general our model tries to avoid have programs that incur expense monthly costs. We have very low operational costs. All of our programs and activities are very cost effective. We often ask for supplies that are needed instead of cash donations. Unless specified or agreed upon in advance 100% of all cash donations will be used to directly support the project(s) that the money is being donated for.

Board of Directors

Cac Lam


Emmanuel O'Kane


Phuc Vo