Beading For A Better Life


Seam The World's Beading For A Better Life

Part of Seam The World's mission statement is to enhance the quality of life for women and their families. We believe that the most beautiful fashion is fashion that makes a meaningful difference in people's lives. We believe that the creative power of fashion can and should be used to change lives for the better. Empowered by this belief, STW is dedicated to creating beautiful fashion that connects those who wear it with those who make it.

Our model is simple: Look Good. Feel Good. Do Good.

The products that Seam The World design are made to make you look good and feel good about how they are made. This is why we have teamed up with the Cacdemode fashion brand to start Beading For A Better Life, a program that teaches hand fabric skills to vulnerable young pregnant and single moms. The stylish coverups that we make are woven together with more than just thread and beautiful hand beaded embellished jewels interlaced is the creation of opportunity for a better life and the gift of hope.

How it Works

  • Beading For A Better Life is a program that currently teaches vulnerable pregnant and young single moms valuable hand fabric skills.

  • Materials and hands on training is provided by Cacdemode fashion brand.

  • Seam The World regularly visits the centers and oversees the production, supervision, and quality of products. Seam The World also regularly provides food and other necessary items to the centers.

  • Most vulnerable pregnant and young single moms are unable to follow the demands of a regular work schedule. Our young single moms are given the freedom to work when it works best for them.

  • The majority of fashion related jobs in Vietnam are in factories that have poor working conditions and very high production quotas. Our moms have no schedule demands, no production quotas, and are able to work from the centers or shelters that they live in.

  • Beading For A Better Life gives the young single moms the power to become more financially independent and the ability to improve their lives. The moms are paid a production price for each cover up that is made and are given a bonus from each cover up that is sold.

  • Beading For A Life Brochure: