The Gift of Giving: Educational Supplies
June 21, 2017
The Gift of Giving: Jerry Cans
June 29, 2017

Gift of Giving: Kampilingsa

Seam The World and M-LISADA visited Kampilingsa Uganda’s only Juvenile Detention and Rehabilitation Center. Juveniles aged 12-17 are sent to the Center from all over Uganda. During our visit we met with the managers of the center and went on a tour of the facility. In an effort to help improve their quality of life and rehabilitation process Seam The World donated 50 25 liter Jerry Can’s and 120 double bunk bed mosquito nets to Kamplingsa. In our tour of Kampilingsa we saw many beds without mosquito nets or with giant holes in them the windows in the dorm rooms were also missing the glass panes allowing easy access for mosquitos to enter. The water system in Kampilingsa works by electric pump. When the power goes out there is no way to get water for basic necessities like cooking and washing. M-LISADA currently supports Kamplingsa and juvenile rehabilitation by offering brass band music training and psychosocial support programs.

Really thank you STW team and M-LISADA for supportting and helping  the great trip

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