Fashion show in Dallas: Fashion for a cause
June 12, 2017
Uganda Kids Collection
June 23, 2017

M-LISADA Children’s Fashion Show

On Saturday June 10th Seam The World (STW) brought fun and joy to their trip of Uganda. STW was honored to host a special children’s fashion show as part of M-LISADA’s 2017 Acrobatics & Cultural Gala.

The gala was an action packed day full of amazing performances by M-LISADA’S Brass Band, Dance Troupe, and Acrobatics, there was also free onsite HIV testing. 21 children from M-LISADA (14 girls and 7 boys) joyfully modeled outfits especially designed for the fashion show by Cac Demode The fashion show was inspired by STW’s desire to do more then just donate clothes.

Seam The World wanted to create a fun event that taught children about their inner beauty and made them feel outwardly beautiful. The experience of the children/models being able to wear their clothes in the fashion show inspired the children to take ownership of their outfits. The memory of walking down the runway in-front of their friends, family, guests and television media dressed in their new clothes made being given the clothes much more meaningful to them. The models pride in having their own brand new outfits, (it is rare for them to be given new clothes) especially designed for them was evident by the best accessory in life radiating smiles.

Thank You to M-LISADA Organization and all of Seam The World’s supporters for such a memorable day.

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