M-LISADA Children’s Fashion Show
June 15, 2017

Uganda Kids Collection

Particularly for underpriviledged children, being fed and worn beautiful designed clothes are something too luxury to have, indeed, it’s such a miracle beyond their imagination.
Through Seam the World’s Uganda trip, by sympathizing the aspirations and dreams, Cacdemode team has been trying to complete the Uganda Kids Collection as visiting gifts for the children in Africa. With the hope of the kids dressing up in beautiful clothes with qualified farbic, they can experience feelings of joy and pride with their new appearance. Furthermore, we also want to teach them that while beauty is essential, building and cultivating the beauty of each person’s soul is more valuable. Hopefully this will be the beautiful and significant memories that STW and Cacdemode have made together to help the impoverished children to thrive, overcome the feelings of disadvantage, live better each day and become a useful person for this society.
We thank you models and your parents, Cacdemode team, photographer for supporting us to make meaningful collection.


Collection By: Cacdemode
Photoshoot Director: Luis Maio Rocha
Stylists: Heidi Phạm, Thanh Trúc
Models: Louise Goupoine, Jessie Farrell, Thiên Kim, Ngọc Diệp, Bảo Ngọc, Trung Hiếu, Nhật Vinh

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