Mr. Rabbit visits Egypt
Mr. Rabbit visits Egypt
October 18, 2018
Karen long neck tribe 02-2019
Karen long neck tribe – Thailand
February 11, 2019

Mr.Rabbit visits Dallas, Texas

Have you ever been thankful for sleeping on a warm and comfortable bed? Waking up in a solid house everyday with? However, there are a lot of unfortunate people outside still dragging themselves on the street side and sleeping on benches at the park in the cold and windy condition.

The journey to understand the heart of SEAM THE WORLD…

On October 31st 2018, SEAM THE WORLD coordinated with The Hope Of Source to prepare 1000 servings for the homeless in Dallas, Texas. There were people from different ages and skin colors. We received many happy smiles, delightful faces, and grateful hearts on that day. We were deeply touched by seeing their happiness and enjoyment during our servings. For the benefactors, this feeling is priceless.

Mr. Rabbit – the stuffed animal that comes along with every SEAM THE WORLD charity journey all over the world. Homeless who has kids or grandchild would receive one Mr. Rabbit as a small gift from SEAM THE WORLD.

Smiles and happy tears are what SEAM THE WORLD is making every effort to bring to unfortunate people wherever they come from and whoever they are.

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