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March 1, 2018
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October 18, 2018

Service, Hope, and Education

Seam The World was honored to host a fundraising talk and auction at the Spiritual Guidance International Gathering in Oaxaca, Mexico on March 3rd 2018. The theme of the fundraiser was Service, Hope, and Education. The theme went hand in hand with the larger theme of the Gathering which was “Living Soulfully in A Conflicted World”. The silent and live auctions raised an incredible hope inspiring $15,225 for education. The money will be used for schooling fees/educational supplies, and additional educational programs for the vulnerable children of one of Seam The World’s partners M-LISADA Organization in Kampala, Uganda and for Libros Para Pueblos reading and literacy program in Oaxaca, Mexico. Seam The World also sold special Seam The World “Spiritual Guidance” T-Shirts that raised money for future projects that Seam The World will do with Unesco – Cep Vietnam.

Seam The World was proud to be a part of and lead a fundraiser that was a true community event. All of the money raised came from the generosity of people that donated personal items from around the world for the silent and live auctions. The items for the live auction included jewelry by famous jeweler / artist Sherry Sandoval who has pieces in museums, special art prints of sculpture by artist Kat Taylor, and vacation rentals or stays in houses in different parts of the world. Service, Hope, and Education were the main themes but generosity, sharing and the power of working together for a common cause and a better world were the main themes that emerged during the gathering.

Before the live auction, Seam The World’s Emmanuel O’Kane gave a reflective talk about his experience of service and the lives and life challenges that children are born into, in places like Katwe Slum in Kampala Uganda. The talk and slideshow guided the audience through the struggles, obstacles and life conditions that the children of M-LISADA (and around the world) often face and conspire to stop the children from being able to go to school and get an education. The talk took the audience on a path of life that showed them the difference that a loving and supportive environment filled with greater opportunities like the one that M-LISADA Organization provides make in the world. The narrative talk gave the audience the means to personally feel and see the hope giving difference that going to school and the enhanced life possibilities that come with it make in individuals lives and in breaking the cycle of poverty. The talk also emphasized the virtues of service, the meaningfulness that lives in service and reminded people that there are many different ways of serving and that all successful organizations have people who serve in many different roles. The talk gently asked the audience to think, what way can I serve?

Under the expert direction of a beloved auctioneer that dutifully reminded the audience that an auction wasn’t the time to be nice to each other or to make friends the live auction started with an outpouring of support as the audience bid with fierce generosity and compassion for each item. Is is special to be able to watch an auction for a cause that you are passionate about. There is a magical feeling when you are able to listen to numbers that go higher and higher as people outbid each other. To deeply know what the money means to the cause(s) and people that you are raising money for as items are magically transformed into educational opportunities thousands of miles away is a profound experience.

The desire to help didn’t end when the auction did, the next morning brought another wave of community generosity and support. In a beautiful testament to the power of sharing, a member of the Spiritual Guidance Community made an announcement that they had an idea to pass around a box and said that if everyone put $10 in we could raise another $850 and if we reached $1000 they would match it. They also asked if anyone else was interested in doing the same and like a scene from a movie two other people stood up and announced that they would. And just like that another $5000 was raised for education and a better future for vulnerable children.

Seam The World will also give an enhanced quality of life gift to people in Katwe and Kalangala when we visit Uganda in May 2018.

STW: Thank You Cards

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