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August 26, 2017
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October 18, 2017

Mr. Rabbit Visits Jamaica

35 Mr. Rabbit’s Visit Blossom Garden Orphanage in Jamaica


I would like to see Jamaica more peaceful, in good health, cooperation in communities, loving and cheerful people, and a better educational process” – Blossom Garden Children’s Vision Tree.

Seam The World strongly believes that we all have the power to a create a better world. Seam The World also believes that each of us, especially children, are special flowers that are waiting to blossom in the garden of life. But the reality is that it is hard for a child to bloom into a beautiful and vibrant flower when they don’t have access to a soil full of the friendship, support, love and the educational water that they need to grow.

Away from the fantasy life 5 star resorts, private beaches and luxury cruise ships that dominate the “Yea mon no problem” tourist image of Montego Bay Jamaica, there are many children that lack the basic necessities of food, clothes, shelter, education, and the loving and supportive environment that children need to grow strong and healthy. These children have experienced unimaginable hardships at an age when a child is supposed to be innocent, pure and filled with a special kind of wonderment.

Thankfully there are many projects like Blossom Garden’s children’s home that are dedicated to making a better world for the children of Jamaica. Blossom Garden is part of the Jamaican Child Development Agency and works with the Jamaican police and legal system to provide a safe home for 60 children and toddlers ages (0-8) that have been abandoned, abused, or orphaned. Blossom Garden is more than just a stable home for vulnerable and traumatized children, they are a learning center, a place to play, a school and a family. They have public health nurses that give the children medical treatment and very importantly the center is a healing space where children can go back to being children.

It was an uplifting joy for Seam The World to be able to give 35 Mr. Rabbit Friend of Courage to the Children of Blossom Garden. When we came into the classroom we were greeted by an enthusiastic chorus of hellos, smiles, laughs, handshakes, and hi-fives by the curious and excited children. It is always a special feeling to be able to give Mr. Rabbit and the Gift of Friendship to children. From a personal point of view watching each of the children’s reactions after being given their own Mr. Rabbit was a deeply rewarding and meaningful moment that I will always remember and take with me. It is precious to see how each of the children make their own connection to Mr. Rabbit, some hug him tightly, some energetically play with him, some hold him up and look into his eyes, and some of the children take Mr. Rabbit and play with each other

It is a magical feeling to leave a room full of the joy of children playing with Mr. Rabbit. Thank you Seam The World Supporters for making our visit to Blossom Garden children home in Jamaica possible. Note no pictures of the children were taken as part of Blossom Garden’s Child Protection Policy.

Please contact us if you are interested in giving Mr. Rabbit to a child in need of a special friend for $3

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