Nhat Hong Shelter with Coach and Crocs
May 16, 2017
Mr Rabbit in ThaiLand
June 8, 2017

Blind Date

What is an amazing weekend! Seam The World was so happy to have opportunity to set up The Blind Date at “Mix and Paint” which was a fundraising for disadvantaged children who are in need. It was welcoming for all participants regardless who you are or where you’re from, just feel free to help children. Throughout the program, food and drink were served along with music. Moreover, there were many chances to make friend to connect more people together in the networking part. It is required to all participants to be blindfolded  with the experience the darkness according to our message “Blind Date” that somehow let they know the inconvenience of those children and leave them with some experience unforgettable for lesson learnt. There was a great performance of Lan Anh- a blind girl who just got a ticket to Paris of the Zither competition. In the end of The Blind Date, every participant was given Mr.Rabbit with the message that they would give Mr.Rabbit for any kid they thought deserve it.

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